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Ruby came to Bella Vita when we went to pick up Jewels and she was there very much in need of a home. She had the worst UTI  and the urine had made her legs raw. We treated the UTI with very strong antibiotics and she improved markedly however after finishing her course she still didn't have control of her bladder. Our vets were worried she may have a tumour in her bladder. So Ruby had a camera placed into her bladder and sadly it was filled with tumours. 
We couldn’t see the tumours on ultrasound because her bladder was too thick and infected but they certainly were present.
Dr Louise Cosgrove from EEVS confirmed what we had feared. 
I was present during the examination and under vet recommendation I chose to send her home and end her suffering.

I want to thank her amazing foster mum Kelly Walsh for taking such amazing care of her until the end xxx

Ruby is now buried next to beautiful Mia under her favourite tree


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