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Let me introduce to you horse number 3 who we almost didn’t get to save. 

Luna is one of the mares we rescued from the meat works after being sold through the Echuca Victoria sales!

We couldn’t get a space on the truck but it all fell into place when the knackery dropped the price on the 3rd horse and the truck company picked them up early and took them to their property to wait for space on a truck. It really was meant to be ❤️❤️

One of the lovely ladies who helped with the rescue mission has named Hope Chelsea “Luna”.
A new life means a new name and we think it suits her so well.

From pen 43 at Echuca sales to being purchased by Shepparton Meats and now she is safe in care as a Bella Vita rescue horse at our Sanctuary!

Luna is just 14 years old however she does have a slightly calcified knee which means she's not rideable but is 100% paddock sound and boy she loves to gallop around.

She is the most loving soul and she loves more than life itself to be groomed for hours! So much in fact that she falls asleep, dribbles and snores! Her life was almost cut short when a knackery bought her from the sales but the Bella Vita crew saved her life and brought her up to Queensland.

She is placid and kind. 

Do you have a horse that needs a paddock companion? Would you enjoy grooming and loving her? She's a good doer and has a huge heart full of love ready to give someone.

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