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Introducing Gypsy Rose.. she is a paint bred mare that I really don’t know much about at the moment. I’m working on that...

But for now all I know is she is very emaciated and has a urine infection causing her to urinate blood. She is being assessed by the vet in the morning and will be having a full blood test. We have had many ex broodmares come in with UTI which is treated with antibiotics.

At the moment she is head down bum up eating the grassy hay she is given and grazing on what grass we do have in her paddock. She needs to be fed super slowly to reduce the risk of refeeding syndrome so grassy hay is all she will get for a few days to get everything working again. I want to see the results of her bloods to see how her kidney and liver function is before introducing anything more. 
I will keep you all posted.

Gypsy Rose is a sweet mare. She just loves cuddles and is such a gem to do anything with.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose 1.jpg
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