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I got a call about this rising 2 year old filly and accepted her into care after chatting to Dr Louise Cosgrove from EEVS about her surgery. Louise offered to do her surgery basically for cost which is amazing and the only reason why I was able to accept her into care! Huge thanks to Louise for her help.

Flicka has contracted tendons which would have progressively gotten worse since she was born. She needs life saving corrective surgery to fix her legs and the prognosis for this surgery is very good. She is just a baby and I believe she deserves a chance..

As most of you know Bella Vita is completely self funded and we do not ask for donations. To raise funds I work full time and we also sell products like our beautiful love angels and we do sell gift vouchers for our vet bills. You can purchase one from just $10 and it helps us more than you know with our never ending vet bills.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for our vet please click on the link below. Flicka’s initial surgery will be $500-$600 so every little bit certainly helps.

The gift vouchers are a virtual gift so there is no shipping but it will ask for a shipping address, just use your own address for that ❤️

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