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We rescued Boston from the dogger pens at Silverdale.

Boston is an appy with white lacing over part of his his rump

We were told he was 18 but the dentist thinks more mid to late twenties by looking at his teeth however he seems more like 18 then 25. He has so much spunk. Maybe his teeth just haven’t been looked after properly. It’s always hard to tell when they are older and I once had a vet age a horse in mid 30’s but I had registered papers proving he was 20. So who knows. All i know is that I love him to bits.

After buying Boston we also ended up buying his paddock mate Arizona - these two boys are very close friends and we just couldn't leave Arizona behind!

Boston is about 15.2hh,  Appaloosa with a small lace blanket over his rump. He isn’t as educated as Arizona and his breaks aren’t so good. They are certainly not bad but he would need someone who knows the basics to ride him. Boston does have some arthritis in his pelvis so Chiro said trail riding only. No circle work and no rider over 70kg.

Boston is available for $300.


Boston after.jpg

Forever Home Found

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