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December 2020 - at the last Laidley dogger auction I absolutely fell in love with a skinny, sad, tired looking pally gelding! I needed to have him in my life so I sent Kelly up to get him but sadly she was outbid by a dealer.

We had bought horses from this particular man after the sales before but this time he wouldn’t sell and it absolutely broke my heart..

I know Kel felt bad even though it wasn’t her fault it’s hard not to question the “what if’s”

Ever since I have been trying to get him out of my mind!

Well  - just before Christmas, Kelly told me my old boy Mason wasn’t well (she lied, he was fine) but knowing I’d come straight out she had arranged a surprise for me..

Kelly coordinated 12 of my friends who all threw in to get the $550 purchase amount to buy him from the dealer and they hid him behind the shed waiting for me to arrive! He was my Christmas present! The pally I fell in love with and wanted so badly!

I still can’t believe 13 of my amazing friends did this for me! I’m not use to such love and kindness and to say I’ve been crying happy tears all day is an understatement.

I cried over this horse after not being able to bring him home 10 days ago and today I cried happy tears because he is mine!

He is skinny with skin off him everywhere but he is just perfect and I’m so overwhelmed and so happy!!

I’ve named him Bailey which is a special name to me and I promise to love this gorgeous boy forever!


Bailey 2.jpg
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