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We purchased Arizona from the knackery after we had bought Boston. I just couldn't leave this boy behind knowing he was going to be killed. I’m so glad we got to rescue these guys together. I had to call the vet to assess Arizona because of a suspect imperfection in his eye that I just didn’t want to risk. The vet stained his eyes but everything came up perfect. It was just an old injury which doesn’t cause him any problems. He did however have atrocious skin which we treated.

It’s clear to see that these two have been together a very long time. They don’t like to leave each other’s side. It was absolutely heartbreaking having to load one up knowing the other would be killed and we are so happy we managed to reunite them after a night apart!

 Arizona is about 15hh, 20 year old station bred bay gelding. This horse is educated. He knows the aids and is pretty much push button and super quiet. He is older so would be perfect for plodding around on. I don’t want him to go to a older child who will hoon around on him. Quiet rides would be perfect. He walks, trots and canters with smooth transitions and has great breaks.

Arizona is available for $500.



Arizona 5.jpg

Forever Home Found

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