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Amaya was one of the horses that was sold through Laidley Sales and were bought by the local knackery to be killed Sunday and Monday - he had a quota to make....

After some persuasion he agreed to us taking the grey and told us he would let us know Monday about the mare. If he had enough meat we could take her!

This girl walked up at the knackery and basically said “I’m coming please!” We couldn’t take her on the day but  we were able to get her a couple of days later. She fell asleep while Kelly was grooming her! Just the sweetest mare.

It’s so hard to believe that this girl come so close to being killed.. I think she knew! I think she knows how lucky she is because she has so much love to give!

She follows us everywhere! She wants love and kisses and cuddles endlessly! She falls asleep being groomed and she could stand all day to be fussed over.

She is so loving, so forgiving and so deserving of a beautiful forever home


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